You know when you learn something life changing and want to share it with everyone that you know?  Have you ever had an experience that filled you with joy and changed you so much that you wanted everyone around you to experience that joy and watch it change them?

You can’t unsee something that you have seen.

You can’t unlearn something that you have learned.

We should use these experiences to shape the way we live.

I have a dear friend, Meg, who introduced me to Uganda.  She is the mama to two boys who spent the first years of their lives in an orphanage in Jinja. As our families spent time with hers, we grew closer to the boys and they became part of my family.  Uganda and the kids there began to tug at my heart.  We sponsored children at  the school and orphanage where Meg’s boys lived. My daughters spent two years writing letters and receiving letters back.  They raised money to send to Uganda.   More and more my heart was being pulled to Uganda, and this school, with every letter I saw, with each picture of a beautiful child that we were helping to educate.

My friend and I traveled to there later that year.  I was able to hold and hug the smiling faces that I had grown to love throughout the years.  My relationship with the teachers and students at the school became important to me and I began to look for ways to help.  

It was during this trip that I was able to see how spending our money in a thoughtful way can truly change a life.  The ‘house mamas’ that take care of the orphans make beautiful paper bead jewelry and handbags that they sell to visitors.  While we were there we each spent about $50 on gifts to bring home.  The mamas told us that money had doubled their monthly income and they were beyond grateful that we had given them this gift.  What seemed like so little to us had allowed some of them to pay school fees, some were able to pay for a ride to work instead of walking the long miles, and others were able to afford enough food for their family.

My friend is a bridge.  She bridged the gap between my love for education and the people in Uganda.  We want to be that bridge for you.  We want to show you how thoughtful spending can create a ripple in poverty that can be felt for generations.  We want to introduce you to the joy that comes when you invest in an education that will empower a child and allow them to learn how to be a leader in their community.

What’s Important to Sanyu?

  • We believe in the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ, and that it’s our job to share that Love with the world by serving the orphans and widows.  James 1:27

  • We believe that education is the key to changing an entire generation.  When you educate children, you give them the tools to become agents of change in their communities.

  • We believe that true change comes from relationships.  Lasting change, the kind of change that makes a difference, can only come from a one to one relationship.  A relationship that is based in love and respect.

  • We believe that you can make a difference with the money you spend.  When you choose to spend your consumer dollars on goods that are made by people earning a fair wage, you allow them to have a job.  That job allows them to support their family and gives them the dignity that all should be afforded.  

  • We believe that true Sanyu (joy in Luganda) comes from serving others and putting others first, and that the front lines of teaching this to our children are our teachers.

  • We believe that education is the first step in ending the cycle of poverty.