Class 2 Class



The Sanyu Collective has partnered with Good Shepherd's Fold School in Jinja, Uganda to create a classroom based sponsorship program.  Class 2 Class, or C2C is designed to connect you and your students to students who attend GSF.

We learn when we are connected.  We care about those that we have relationship with.  Teaching our students to love and care for those around the world is a big job.  We have created C2C to help you with that.  C2C is a sponsorship program in which your class sponsors a classroom in Uganda. 

The C2C program was created with your classroom in mind.  When you sponsor a class, you receive a welcome box filled with things to get your students involved and connected to their new friends in Africa.  Participating in C2C will allow you to teach your students about poverty and serving others while giving them the opportunity to meet friends around the world.

Some of your questions answered: 

  • What, exactly, is C2C?  C2C, or Class 2 Class, is a sponsorship program developed by teachers for teachers.  It allows you to not only financially sponsor, but build relationships with students around the globe that live in very different situations than we do.
  • How much does this cost?  The C2C program costs $50 per month for the ten months that we typically have class here in the US.  We offer tons of ideas and support for raising this money!  
  • What do I get with my sponsorship?  Great one!  We have developed a program what will build the foundation for your students to learn about the children in Uganda and why their lives are so different from ours.  When you sign up for a sponsorship, you will receive a welcome box full of everything you need to get started.  We even include a five day, ready to teach, unit that focuses on poverty and Uganda.  You can expect to receive two letters throughout the course of the school year from your friends at GSF.  
  • What do the students at GSF get through our sponsorship? While your sponsorship offsets some of the financial responsibilities for the classroom, you will be providing so much more. Writing letters to these students and praying for them will be the most important thing that you can do.  Many of these students live in very difficult circumstances, and knowing that someone is invested in them will bring them hope and offer encouragement. 100% of your sponsorship dollars go directly to the classroom.  You may be providing a student with the only meal they will have in a day!

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