Are you ready to go?  Would you like to take a trip that will change you as both a teacher and person?  


Who, What, When, Where?

Where are you taking me?  The Sanyu Collective has partnered with Good Shepherd's Fold, an orphanage and school in rural Uganda for our teacher trips.  Visit the GSF website to see the work that they are doing.

Who goes on these trips? We are offering this trip to teachers, educators of any kind.  Last year, we had a PE teacher, a second grade teacher, and a high school Latin teacher on our team.  If you teach, or have a heart for education, this trip is for you!

When do you go?  Because this trip is geared towards teachers we will travel during late June or July.  The Ugandan school system works differently than ours.  They have a break in their school year in January, so school will be in session when we visit.

Who is in charge?  Your team leader will be Amy Miller.  She lives in the states and will be in charge of organizing all of the details of our trip.

Who will be on this trip?  Last year, we took six teachers.  We believe that a smaller group is better, so the teams will never be bigger than ten.

What am I getting  into?

How long is this trip?  Our trips are generally ten days.  This includes travel time.  We will be in country for eight days.

What will we be doing while we are there?  Ahhh...the important stuff!  We will be working closely with the teachers and staff at Good Shepherd's Fold. (GSF), we believe that it is important to plug into work that is already being done.  GSF does amazing work in rural Uganda and you can expect to spend time with teachers and students, encouraging and praying.  We will also spend time with the children at the orphanage.  This trip is designed to open your eyes as an educator to a system that is very different from our own.  Check out GSF HERE

How much does this cost?

What is the total cost?  We work with at $2400 budget.  This, of course, is dependent on airfare.  Once you have applied and been accepted, you will receive a detailed budget.

Are there scholarships? Not at this time.  However, do not let the money be the reason that you say no!  We have some very creative ways to help you raise money for your trip, and we look forward to working with you!

What's next?  How do I get started?  Fill out our general questionnaire HERE.  We will be in touch with you to get you on the road to Uganda.